About Us



By faith our company was built with hope, determination and a vision from God. After years of fighting our fears we launched Hundredaire Millionaire brand! We are a new artistic, christian clothing brand pushing the envelope of creativity while representing the Kingdom. Hundredaire Millionaire is not about money, but a "Millionaire Mindset" for new entrepreneurs and believers to transform from caterpillars to butterflies. Jehova Drip is the first exclusive collection challenging entrebelievers to represent Our God Jehovah and inspiring all to reach their fullest potential. Our passion is to inspire the next generation and build a stronger community. We KNOW these products will speak to you as a fashion trendsetter and also as a world changer. We are so excited that you decided to join us on a journey of self discovery and kingdom building. We hope to continue to speak life into your own dreams and future endeavors. Jehova Drip!! HM! Godspeed